Benefits of Bone Marrow Aspirate Therapy

Benefits of Bone Marrow Aspirate Therapy

Bone marrow aspirate (BMA) is a component of your bone marrow that contains mesenchymal stem cells and can help promote healing in both bones and soft tissues.

At Pinnacle Pain and Spine, interventional pain specialists Dr. Matthew Crooks and Dr. Stuart Rammell provide regenerative medicine technologies, including bone marrow aspirate, to help heal our patients’ musculoskeletal woes at our offices in Scottsdale, Chandler, and Fountain Hills, Arizona. 

Because the technique is rather new, we’ve put together this guide to inform you about the benefits of the process.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the process of replacing human cells, tissues, and/or organs with your own progenitor (stem) cells to restore or establish normal functioning. The cells stimulate your body's own repair mechanisms to heal the damaged or diseased tissue.

One of the more common and popular regenerative treatments at the moment is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, where a small vial of your blood is spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets in the watery plasma. The concentrate is then injected into the site of damage or disease to help heal the tissue.

Stem cells, though, have a great deal more potential than platelets. They’re undifferentiated cells from which all other cells (those with specialized functions) are formed. Under the right conditions in the body or a lab, stem cells divide to form additional cells. 

While researchers once thought adult stem cells could only form the specialized tissue cells in which they originate, it turns out they can form any differentiated cell, depending on where in the body they’re placed.

Dr. Arnold Caplan discovered mesenchymal stem cells in the early 1990s. These are a specific type of adult stem cell found in the bone marrow that can both renew themselves into new stem cells or differentiate into bone, tendon, cartilage, and muscle cells. 

When used as a regenerative therapy, they stimulate the body to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and heal injured tissues, making this a good therapy for those with conditions like arthritis, tendinopathy, and ligament sprains.

The BMA therapy process

BMA therapy is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatment that we use to relieve pain by promoting long-lasting healing of musculoskeletal tissues. 

At Pinnacle Pain and Spine, we use the Marrow Cellution™ by Medtronic platform to generate the BMA required for therapy. The Marrow Cellution BMA procedure takes a single outpatient visit and includes the following steps:

  1. Extraction — We use a special needle to aspirate a small amount of bone marrow, generally from your hip
  2. Cell isolation — We process the bone marrow in a sterile system to isolate and concentrate the regenerative cell solution
  3. Injection — We inject BMA concentrate into the affected area to accelerate natural healing response, stimulating proliferation of local cells into new tissues
  4. Relief — You feel significant symptom and pain relief after a few weeks, with full benefits about 3-6 months after treatment

Benefits of bone marrow aspirate therapy

BMA injection therapy has a number of advantages over other forms of healing:

If you’re experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain, you may not have enough blood supply, healing potential, or regenerative cells in the affected area to repair the damage that’s causing the pain. BMA therapy, though, uses your own stem cells to address all three problems. 

To learn more and find out if you’re a good candidate, give us a call today at any of our locations to set up a consultation or request an appointment through our online system.

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